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Production still from MOBY DICK or, The Whale (2022) featuring Tosh Basco as Queequeg. Directed by Wu Tsang. Photo: Greg Amgwerd.

One of several drafting revisions created for the project.  Drawings are both technical documents, and the main form of visual communication.  They need to be both accurate, and accessible.  

Moby Dick

Engineering, Programming, and Install of Wu Tsang's Moby Dick film for the Whitney Museum Biennial.  Mapping of multi projector image onto continuous curved surface.  5.1 Speaker system install.


Whitney Museum - Wu Tsang



Working closely with Whitney Museum AV department and staff, we designed a projection mapping solution using in house projection gear, with key added components.  

Install of 5.1 speaker system, and consultation with sound design expert to create a multitrack spatialized audio experience specific to the exhibit room.  

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