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We offer a wide range of services, from artistic consultation to technical implementation. 
We create complete productions.
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Select Clients and Collaborators

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

San Diego Symphony

Production Glue

Whitney Museum

Houston Ballet Foundation

Taylor Made

Frederick R Koch Foundation


Artistic Creation

and Design

A skilled team of designers and artists work closely together to create a unique world for your project.  This collaborative workflow allows the product to be greater than the mere sum of its component parts.  Designers come from all parts of the industry: theatre, opera, dance, film, fashion, museum, events, concert, and fine arts. 


With a wide network of collaborators, we are able to scale from a few team members, to many very quickly.  No more, and no less than are needed for the project.


Pre Visualization,

Content Review

A creative process is amorphous; a deadline is rigid.  Communication with flexibility is key.  We know that requirements can change in a moment, and we're ready to change with them.

As designs and concepts are iterated, they are presented in fast, flexible, and accurate previz.  These are words not normally associated with rendering, but we prioritize truly accurate previz at all steps of the process, so that there are NO surprises on install of a complete project.

Content is available for review and comment at all stages.  Live markups and comments show up directly in editors' timelines.


Engineering and
3D Drafting

"It doesn't fit in the space."  Words of the past.  We 3D scan, model, and draft all aspects of a project well in advance.  This parallel track of accuracy allows everything to work flawlessly from the engineering side, as well as to support the artistic development and previsualisation space with highly accurate information.

What you see, is what you get.  

Just like our artistic collaborations, our technical expertise comes from many varied backgrounds in the industry.  Using our diverse experiences, we are able to create technology solutions that are right for the project, never just "the way we've always done it."


Equipment Spec

and Procurement

We work with all major AV rental houses in the US.  Years of close relationships with shop headquarters in NYC allows us to secure good pricing and good turn around to everywhere.  

That experience with different industries, and different rental suppliers, has given us the unique opportunity to see the many ways to solve the same challenges.  It's never business as usual with us.

If we can't rent it, or don't own it, our relationships with manufacturers and distributors will enable us to broker great deals, and get the best timelines possible.  Coming from industries where "last minute" is the business, we make the right equipment a high priority from the beginning.  It is never an afterthought.  


Onsite Install.


Moro Media is unique, because we work on all stages of a project.  This broad reach enables us always to be a step ahead.  Every phase of a project builds for the next; there is a continuous through line from the first design conversation to the final install details.

We plan every part of the project as if we are also doing onsite install, finding the most efficient, and most effective way to implement a project.  It is part of the planning process from the beginning, not a tacked on problem to be thrown into someone else's lap.

AV installs have many interacting parts, and a lot of points of failure.  These failure points often appear as soon as the qualified techs leave site.  Moro Media deploys unique offsite monitoring systems with every install.  If we can't fix it remotely, we will be able to diagnose and guide onsite staff to fixes quickly.  This leads to huge time and cost savings, and major uptime improvements.

A One-stop Shop

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Projection Engineering, Mapping, Media Servers, and Install.

Large Scale Projection Mapping, Media Servers, and Content Design.

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